Text Marketing


Text message, SMS marketing is the best way to reach customers.

Let’s face it, almost everyone has a cell phone on them all the time.

72% actually want to receive offers and coupons on cell phones, and most text messages
are read within minutes.

How can you use text message SMS marketing to grow your business?    Restaurants can advertise or ask in-house customers to text “Specials” to 12345 and sign up for your lunch or dinner specials.   Also, post QR codes everywhere for your customers to scan with their smart phone.    Then, just text your special offers like “Free dessert,” “Buy one pizza get one free today,” whenever business is slow.

Use text marketing software to create mobile website pages, QR codes, conduct polls, contests, send special offers, event reminders, product information.

Imagine the results when you can reach 100 or 100,000 people within

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Text Messaging and Mobile Marketing Ideas

Text for Table – Why not text your customer when their table or order is ready. We all hate those dirty buzzers anyway. Texting them is personal, and you can get their permission to send them promotions too.

Mobile Game – Have a game your customers can play while they wait. Target it at kids or adults, but it puts your name first.

Drive Customers In – Slow night? Send a blast when you want to fill the place. 

Take-out special – Send a text message and have customers order immediately, so they can have their order ready on their way home from work.


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